Rocker Street Pro Däck

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Original Street Pro tyres from Rocker BMX. These can take more pressure (we advise no more than 60 psi, as your wheels could be damaged).

These roll fast and smooth, and they hold their shape better than the standard tyres fitted to most mini BMX’s. Besides this, they provides you with a little more stability than standard tyres. They are the obvious choice if you are serious about riding skateparks & street. The mini bmx tyre fits all the Rocker mini BMX bikes.

Included in the package is:

  • 2 tyres
  • 2 inner tubes

Notice: You must disassemble the wheel rim to change tire or tube (a 5mm allen key and a 13mm socket wrench is needed for this).

Kompatibel med: Rocker 1, Rocker 2, Rocker 3, Rocker 3+, Rocker Irok, Rocker Irok+