Hella Grip Campfire Kickbike Griptape

  • 139 kr
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Freshen up the grip on your pro scooter with the Campfire Grip tape by Hella Grip

The good old Hella Sloth is lounging out by the campfire, sending some smoke signals, on this sheet of sweet sticky Hella Grip tape for your scooter.

Built for easy application and longevity

  • This griptape is made from a tear/waterproof PVC material covered in silicone carbide grit formula
  • Easily applied with the aggressive weatherproof adhesive
  • This griptape follows Hella Grips larger size griptapes and comes with a whopping 6" x 24" sheet of grippy goodness
Bredd:15.2cm (6'')
Längd:61cm (24'')